2021, the summer of garden dining

When the first Covid lockdown began in March 2020, I don’t think many of us would have thought that we would still be in a similar position a year later. As the days now stretch out to lighter evenings and the garden begins to come alive, we find ourselves beginning to consider garden dining and spending more time outside.

Being home has become the norm. I work from home anyway and have always enjoyed the flexibility that gives me, but I have to say the post-Christmas lockdown has been tougher than the ones back in the summer. We don’t have a huge garden but felt incredibly fortunate to have one last summer when it felt like somewhere else to be other than the house.

This summer it looks like once again, many of us will be staying home. Unless we manage a holiday in the UK, a lot of time is going to be spent at home and that means many people will be looking to make their outside space more inviting.

With the relaxation of the lockdown rules and even from beginning to be able to invite people back onto your garden, it is becoming more and more pertinent to create a welcoming haven to spend this summer with friends and family that we have been separated from for so long.

This surge of interest in exterior decor has led to some issues in the supply and demand of garden furniture. A recent article by the BBC stated that “a combination of high demand and shipping problems is being blamed for the shortages.”

Garden Table Square legs

Here are Bee-purposed, we are gearing up for a busy summer. each of our pieces is made to order, we can guarantee that we will get that beautiful furniture to you in time for your summer at home. Take a look at our garden dining furniture here.

We offer a range of table sizes, colours and table legs so that we are able to create the very thing your are looking for this summer

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