A new rustic desk design leaves the Bee-purposed workshop.

Rustic desks?

Last month Bee-purposed were contacted by a customer who had been impressed with one of our dining table sets on Instagram and wondered if we also designed rustic desks. We said, “Yes, of course!”

We are known for designing stunning rustic dining tables, garden tables, benches and coffee tables. We take old scaffolding boards and repurpose them to become beautiful pieces of furniture. In this way, provide you with eye-catching, stylish furniture and save the trees at the same time!

The rise in home-working during the Covid pandemic has seen people look for ways to create a comfortable office within their own homes. It is important to be able to separate your home from your office, even if that means leaving one room and going into another. If this isn’t possible, an area of a room given over to a workspace, complete with a custom-built desk can provide some

It is likely that some people will continue to work from home, at least for part of the week. This means that customers are looking for new solutions to their home office design problems. When we were asked to make a desk for this purpose, we recognised how this might be another great avenue for us and were more than happy to create a stylish, practical new workstation.

The design.

Our customer was keen to have a desk for her laptop, which was the perfect ergonomic height so that she might work comfortably at home. She also needed a wide shelf upon which she could stand her two computer screens. In keeping with our usual, environmentally friendly way of doing things, this would all be made from upcycled scaffolding boards.

We offer a wide range of different leg designs and our customer was keen to have our hairpin legs in a steel finish. These legs added an elegant, yet sturdy design and also come in a black finish.


We normally aim for a turnaround time of between three weeks for our furniture, from start to finish. This can of course be dependent on the supply and delivery of the boards and legs.

The table was custom built to exactly fit the customer’s office space and laptop and screens. This is the beauty of having an item designed by us. We can fit it to your home and requirements.

The finished product.

The desk was finished with a coat of Woodcon. This wood preserver is environmentally friendly and does not change the colour or texture of the wood. The finished desk looked great and we received very positive feedback from the customer.

rustic desk

The pics don’t do it justice! It’s so beautifully made and exactly what I wanted. I’m going to get Mike to make us a huge table…”

Since taking delivery of the new rustic desk, the customer has also requested matching shelving to complete her home workspace.

If you are now looking to create your perfect home working space and want to find the perfect furniture solution whilst helping the planet, by saving the trees and recycling, contact us! Each desk can be designed to match your requirements and to your tastes. We can offer a broad range of wood finishes and leg designs and if we don’t have what you want, just say and we will do our very best to produce that for you. Take a look at our designs and get in touch!

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