History of our company

It all started with a Mother’s Day gift!

Bee-purposed upcycles scaffolding boards into beautiful furniture. It all started with a Mother’s Day gift.

Being generally regarded as the ” Man Who Can”, I have often been called upon by family and friends to help with a home maintenance task, whether that be plumbing, kitchen fitting or even crawling under the floorboards. This enjoyment of all things “handy” led to me setting up my first business as a one -man handyman business. I have built many loyal customers over the last 10 years and there is yet to be a task I haven’t been able to solve!

In lockdown, I was wondering what I could make my mum for Mother’s Day. A trip to the shops was out and knowing how much she loves her garden, the idea of a table for her garden came up. The simple yet elegant design of scaffolding board tables, with hairpin legs really caught my eye and I decided to make exactly that. I was amazed at the response from friends and family and this led to larger dining tables, coffee tables, benches, console tables, and more. This expanded further into introducing a variety of different wood stains and protective oils, using a range of different leg styles. Before I knew it a business was developing.

Being a very proud Mancunian ( of equally important Irish descent), I knew I wanted to include the symbol of this great city, the Manchester worker bee in my design. As a consequence “Bee-purposed” was born.

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