An upcycled garden bench is looking rosy!

What would you do if you were asked to create an upcycled garden bench? We went for something pretty in pink!

Usually here at Bee-purposed, we take old scaffording boards and combine them with beautiful new legs to create dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, and desks. When a customer asked if we could create a stunning upcycled garden bench from their very tired-looking garden furniture, we were happy to oblige.


Our customer came to us with a rather tired-looking garden bench. The wooden slats had seen better days and needed to be replaced. The metalwork was in need of cleaning and respraying. The customer was very keen to have a vibrant pink shade and it was great to be able to be so bold in the colour choice.

The process.

Firstly, we removed the old wooden slats and disposed of them. Then we cleaned and sprayed the metalwork in a beautiful, bright pink shade.

The wooden slats were replaced with old repurposed scaffolding boards, which were cut and sanded to fit.

Environmentally friendly wood preserver

The wood was treated with an environmentally friendly natural stain, called Woodcon. It “forms a transparent water-repellent shield on every wood surface without giving it a glossy or wet look. It will never blister, crack or break off, it becomes a permanent part of the wood.” It is a great product that does not change the colour or texture of the product. We have found it helps retain the beautiful natural look of the wood and protects it too.

The customer was very happy with their new and improved garden bench and it was completed just in time to enjoy the recent glorious weather.

Great feedback!

Our customer was very happy with the transformation and the chance to upcycle an item that would otherwise have gone to the tip.

Love the renovation of my bench by Bee-Purposed. Mike has transformed a tatty, broken bench into a beautiful bench to add some zing to the garden. I’m so glad we could renovate and make use of the bench again… it’s now my favourite spot to sit out and enjoy the garden.”

If you have been looking to revive some garden furniture but didn’t know where to start, give us a call!

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