Bee-purposed introduces colourful tables.

When we launched our repurposed furniture business last spring, we initially offered a choice of three wood stain colours. However, we wonder whether our Bee-purposed customers are looking for much more colourful tables and desks?

Smoked walnut
5 ft 4 board table with black industrial square legs

Natural, oak and smoked walnut. To date, the natural option has proved the most popular.

We were always keen to expand our range though. When you browse home decorating magazines and websites, it has become ever more apparent that bolder colours such as grey, pinks, deep green and navy have begun to dominate. This article by House Beautiful lists the top 10 kitchen colours for 2021. Kitchen cabinets are vibrant and walls are gloriously decorated in beautiful wallpapers. Colour is in!

Not wanting to be left behind, we have been researching a wide variety of wood stain choices, so that our customers can complement their design ideas with a table, bench, or shelving from us. Our approach is always very flexible and we aim to please. If a customer has an idea in mind, we will always do our best to meet that requirement. Indeed, our whole approach is to create the dining table, desk or coffee table to suit your home and lifestyle. We even have our own custom-built square dining table in our house.

square dining table

A rectangular table just didn’t best fit our space, so after many years, we replaced our dining table with a square Bee-purposed, custom-made design. It works brilliantly!

We aim to design exactly the right furniture for your home and your needs. So, when a customer came to us and asked for a pale grey washed table, we set to work.

Getting the correct shade is very important to us, so we consulted many times with the customer and created the exact shade they wanted.

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At Bee-purposed every item of furniture is handcrafted and made to order. We create everything from dining furniture to coffee tables, to garden tables and benches.

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