Our new Bee-purposed breakfast bar means a more sociable kitchen dining experience.

Since Bee-purposed launched back in the Spring of 2021, we have seen the sales of our dining tables and benches grow and grow.

Customers are loving our rustic, repurposed tables and the recent introduction of a new soft grey colour has been very popular. We are always ready to respond to our customer’s needs and a recent request saw us design and build our first breakfast bar table. We are so pleased with the finished result and the customer’s response, that we have added “Breakfast Bars” as a separate category within our online shop. Take a look here:

Why design a breakfast bar?

Our kitchen, garden, and dining tables are all designed to suit our customer’s exact requirements. We offer a variety of length and width choices, colours, and even a selection of different leg designs. Each of these variations means that we can help you design a table to best suit your home and family.

trapezium legs natural finish
soft grey wash

A recent request was a bit different. A customer needed a taller table to sit her teen and early twenties children and the endless flow of their friends that came through the home. This was a classic happy, welcoming home, where at any moment a new batch of friends might arrive and need feeding. The problem was, that despite hospitality never being in short supply, the seating situation was.

Bespoke legs from B & J Ironworks

The customer had recently redesigned their kitchen and the dining area needed a large seating area, at equal height to the worktops. Fortunately, Bee-purposed has discovered a fantastic ironsmith who will design table legs to suit the design and height we require. B & J Ironworks from Barnsley have created high-quality legs to suit previous pieces for us and we knew we could rely on them for this job. The customer wanted industrial square legs in black, but the height needed to be 86 cm high instead of the 71 cm height we usually order for the normal tables.

Breakfast bar table

The tops were made from repurposed scaffolding boards. We enjoy using these boards as they are strong, full of character, and once sanded and stained make a gorgeous dining surface. They are also environmentally friendly as the wood is given a whole new lease of life, instead of being thrown away. The legs arrived from B & J Ironworks and were perfect.

The customer was delighted with her new purchase. The breakfast bar was used almost immediately after one of their children returned from university with friends in tow. It has provided another social area within the home and is a comfortable, place to eat and converse.

Bee-purposed began after we made a coffee table for my mum. Every table, desk and bench designed since then has been designed with the needs of the customer in mind. Along the way, we have introduced new stains and colours, new leg designs and in this case, even bespoke leg heights. We even have a square, eight-seater dining table in our own home, because that is what fits our dining area best. Our goal is to create furniture that works for your home and family. If you are looking for something specific and haven’t found that solution yet, give us a call, we aim to please!

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